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Alcurnia/Amaretti stuffed peaches – Just Peachy!

Alcurnia Peaches:
Perfect peach halves sourced from Murcia in Spain from a company that only produces peach halves in demand from clients all over the world, Mediterranean Foods is lucky enough to secure two containers from each harvest even if supply is short because we have been a loyal customer of this brand for 17 years!

Why are they so good?
It is in the quality selection only the best peaches can be used to produce perfect peach halves any fruit that is not up to standard is sold off to other companies for slicing. Every can is the same the 850g can has 6-8 portions and the 2.65kg can has a slightly smaller grade with 40 to 50 portions per can.

Try this recipe:
Desserts do not get any easier (or more delicious) than this simple recipe which comes from Piedmont, Italy. While this recipe can be made with fresh peaches when in season, it can also be made with tinned peaches making this dessert an all-year-round favourite.

As well as using the peaches to make this recipe they can be eaten on their own, with gelato or slivered almonds sprinkled on top.  The other ingredient in this recipe are the delicious amaretti biscuits which are the original macaroons, added to these is Amaretto which is a sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur. The melding of almondy flavours releases all the peachs sweet potential. Serve these peaches with a sparkling glass of Prosecco and enjoy!

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