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The Izzo Forno Scugnizzo Napoletano: Electric pizza oven

“The Ferrari” of pizza ovens, the world’s first commercial electric Neapolitan oven.

There is a better way
Mediterranean Foods is leading the market again with the exciting solution of making wood fired pizza in an electric oven. Joe and Gino Cuccurullo, Directors of Mediterranean Foods have felt the responsibility as a business to make more environmentally friendly decisions.

Behind the oven
Are we facing a turning point? We at Mediterranean Foods believe so, and are sure to see more of this style of oven appearing around New Zealand as the wood-fired pizza operators begin to understand there is a “better way”.

Our Scugnizzo* Napoletano pizza oven was developed by Izzo Forni in Naples, Italy, where the quality of pizza is taken very seriously.

The chamber of this oven is made of local Naples firebrick and mortar and has a low-domed ceiling that creates the extreme heat. The bottom of the chamber is made of Biscotto di Sorrento, a heat-absorbing material that prevents crusts from burning. Beneath the oven floor lies a layer of Vesuvian soil to absorb even more heat. The front of the oven is handmade copper – elegant and stylish.

  • Environmentally friendly. No soot, no smoke, no trees being cut down and no pollution!

  • It can cook six pizzas at the same time in around 60-90 seconds, because it keeps an average temperature of 420-450°C.

  • “Let’s treasure tradition while looking at innovation” – Massimo Bottura

  • *Scugnizzo is the Neapolitan word used to describe a streetwise kid of Naples, the ones who live by their wits and take chances. It is said in an endearing way.


For any trade enquiries contact:
Gino Cuccurullo
Managing Director, Mediterranean Foods
Mobile: 021 289 1093

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