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Salad of spelt gorgonzola pears and walnuts


60g Gorgonzola

1 Teaspoon balsamic vinegar

300g Spelt

1 Tablespoon of honey

4 Tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil

2 Pears

1 Cup of rocket

1/2 Cup of walnuts


  1. Rinse the spelt and boil in plenty of salted water for 45 minutes. 

  2. Drain it, let it cool down and place into a large salad bowl

  3. Mix the oil, the vinegar and the honey well with a generous pinch of salt and pepper then put it aside.

  4. Chop the rocket roughly and cube the gorgonzola cheese. Wash the pears, core them and slice them into thin slices

  5. Mix all the ingredients together and dress it with the honey balsamic sauce. Toss some walnuts and enjoy with a glass of your favourite white wine. 

Buon Appetito! 


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