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With its unmistakable taste and its irresistible creaminess, Ciobar gives warmth to the coldest days. Alone or in company, with family or friends, every moment is the right time to enjoy a good cup of Ciobar. Warm, dense, creamy. It’s Ciobar!

The pack contains 5 bags of 25 g each for a total of 125 g.

Ciobar thickens immediately, when it comes to a boil!

Mix the contents of one sachet in a saucepan with 125 ml milk added a little at a time.
Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, until Ciobar thickens and boils.
Pour the Ciobar in the cup and enjoy it!

In the microwave :
Mix the contents of an envelope in a large cup with 125 ml milk added a little at a time.
Cook at 750 watts for one minute or 950 watts for 50 seconds and, if you want to increase the density, extend the cooking by 10 seconds.
To prepare more cups together, cook at 750 watts for 2 minutes. If you want to increase the density, prolong the cooking by 10 seconds at a time until you get the desired density.

Produced in Italy

Additional information

Weight160 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 15 cm

1 review for CIOBAR CHOCOLATE 125g

  1. Charles Hurly

    This stuff is so good I’m surprised it’s not illegal !

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