$10 each  at the Newtown Shop + Deli

We will be selling our own tomato plants over the coming weeks. The tomato plants have been propagated from seeds brought back from our grandfather Luigi Ruocco in the 1960s from his native Isle of Capri in Italy.

These tomatoes are part of our family history and tradition as these tomatoes were grown by our papa’ Antonio Cuccurullo who had around 100 plants in his glasshouse and garden.

We have taken over the tradition of keeping the history of these plants and our ancestors. These heritage tomatoes are called Isle of Capri and are acid free and have a long shape as seen in the photos.

How to look after your plant:

The best way to look after your plant is keep it in a warm sunny place inside and water every 2 days, if you intend to keep the plant indoors you could re pot now into a larger pot and keep watering every 2 days.  

If you are going to grow the plant outside it is best to keep it indoors as long as possible right up until around 15 November. If in the coming weeks you feel the plant is getting too big in the pot that you have purchased it in you should repot to a larger pot.