Caputo | The flour mill of Naples since 1924

We are the sole importers of Caputo flour into NZ. Caputo flour is widely recognised around the world! They are the flour mill of Naples since 1924. They have a wide range of flours that can be used for pizza, pasta and baking: with each kind of flour specifically crafted for different needs.

What do the numbers mean?
A wheat flour typically milled in Italy, where millers grade their flour by using a ‘zero’ rating. A single zero flour is quite coarse in texture, like very powdery semolina, whereas triple zero is much finer like cornstarch. But everyday flour is usually classed as double zero, or ‘00’.

Caputo Tipo 1

A traditional soft light brown wheat flour for making bread, pizza and cakes. It has a distinctive fragrance, taste and colour.

Caputo “00” Classica

Flour for soft dough that retains its lightness and flavour after cooking.

Caputo “00” Pasta Fresca & Gnocchi

An all purpose flour, ideal for making pasta and gnocchi. It is light and fluffy for making pastry too!


Caputo "0" Manitoba Oro

This flour is known for its strength. The quality of the gluten and the dough elasticity makes for excellent results in pastry and yeast products.

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