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Emporio Peroni, London

Emporio Peroni, London

In 1846 founding father Francesco Peroni established the first brewery in Vigevano, Italy. Due to extremely high demand, a second brewery was built in Rome in 1864 and Francesco’s son, Giovanni, took over the running of the new branch.

In 2005 the brand was re-launched internationally. Peroni Nastro Azzurro made shopping history when it opened 'Emporio Peroni', a minimalist boutique. Situated on one of the world's most stylish thoroughfares, Sloane Street in London, it sat comfortably alongside other leading Italian fashion brands. Emporio was so exclusive that only window shopping was permitted

What does 'Nastro Azzuro' mean?

Nastro Azzurro means blue ribbon in Italian and gets its name from a prize awarded to the ship that could cross the Atlantic Ocean in the shortest time. In 1933, an Italian ocean liner, the SS Rex won the prize and was allowed to fly a blue ribbon from the mast of the ship.