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The wonders of Goose Fat have been kept secret for too long. It is an excellent gourmet alternative to common cooking fats. Although animal fats are often considered to be bad fats, goose fat is one of the better ones and contains far fewer saturated fats than butter. Goose Fat contains 32.7g saturated Fat per 100g compared with 54g for butter. Goose Fat is also rich in Oleic acid C18.1 (a specific type of monounsaturated fatty acid) which can lower blood cholesterol levels.

Goose Fat has a high burning (or smoke) point which means foods can be cooked at a high temperature without the fat burning or breaking down.

Saute potatoes or vegetables in a little goose fat, or add goose fat to mashed potato, instead of using butter.

Risotto: a recipe that normally uses a lot of butter for frying the onions and coating the rice grains, goose fat gives depth and richness without adding as much fat.

Produced in France

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