This recipe is ideally matched with our succulent "Alcurnia" Spanish peach halves. You can now eat peaches from the South of Spain all year round that taste like our own Hawkes Bay golden queens!



1/2 Cup of amaretto liqueur or white wine

1/2 Cup of sugar

1 tin of Alicurnia Spanish peaches (Contains 8 halves)

20 Amaretti biscuits, crushed

1 egg yolk

3 Tablespoons whipped cream


  1. Boil the wine and sugar for five minutes to form a syrup
  2. Poach the peach halves in syrup for about a minute (a bit longer if they are fresh). Then lift out with a slotted spoon and let cool.
  3. Fold the amaretti crumbs and egg yolk into the cream.
  4. Fill the peach halves with the cream mixture.
  5. Arrange on a serving plate and pour the remaining syrup around them.

Buon Appetito!