Panettone vs Pandoro

Will you be serving panettone or pandoro? 

Every traditional Italian Christmas there is a split between panettone lovers and pandoro lovers. Some find pandoro too simple and buttery, where others usually dislike raisins and candied fruits which abound in panettone. There is only one peaceful solution: you buy both! 

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Originated from Milan, Italy

Panettone meaning 'Toni's bread' according to legends

Discovered early 20th century

The cake dough requires several hours to make because it must be cured in a way similar to sourdough, rising and falling 3 times before being baked. 

The sweet, yeasty treat has a distinctive domed shape. 

Contains rasins, nuts & candied fruits

Wide range of flavours from traditional, lemon, chocolate, orange + chocolate..


 Originated from Verona, Italy

Pandoro meaning 'Golden bread'

Discovered late 18th century

Pandoro takes the good part of a day to make. The bread requires making a sponge first and then letting the dough rise 3 more times

Pandoro is traditionally a star-shaped cake that is dusted with icing sugar

Wide range of flavours to choose from traditional, lemon, pistachio, tiramisu, hazelnut..

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